Dogs on the move

Following on from our last well-received blogMoving on to pastures new? 10 tips to de-stress your move, as the owner of two beautiful Spanish Water Dogs (you can get details about this amazing & relatively unknown breed in the UK here, I thought that it might be helpful to write about moving home with pets, especially dogs. There are over 9 million dogs kept as pets in the UK today and currently around 1 in 4 pet owners will own at least one dog.

I’ve been doing plenty of online research and the Kennel Club and this video presented by Money Supermarket, are both well worth a look if you are moving your dog within the UK. Moving pets internationally is a tad more complicated and I would recommend seeking professional advice directly from a reputable pet shipper if you plan to do this. I have worked with a company called Airpetsfor over 20 years now and I have always found them to be reliable and efficient. Airpets help with moving pets both out of the UK and into the UK from all over the world. Don’t do what a client of mine did a few years ago (unbeknown to me at the time) and research the complicated requirements around shipping a grass snake to Israel from the UK, then decide to put it in their pocket and try to take it on the aeroplane with them as unchecked hand luggage!

Some key action points that I will have in my mind when I next relocate myself in this country with my dogs would be:

– Get Wilbur and Alfie out of the house on packing day, to stay with friends they know well (removal men, packing boxes, packing knives, open doors, etc don’t work well with two super active and curious four legged friends)
– Find a reliable and recommended vet, dog walker and groomer in the area that I am moving to before I move
– Organise a new tag with new address details on for each dog before I move and update Petlog with our new home details for their microchipping records to be accurate
– On moving in day, along with the kettle, mugs, tea and biscuits, have a box of the boys foods, toys, water bowls etc ready and on hand
– Before moving check that the fencing is high enough and secure enough in the new house to make sure that my masters of escape & jumping high fences don’t escape

I hope that you find these little tips interesting and good luck with your move whenever it happens.

By the way we offer special rates on our relocation & home moving services to all members of the Spanish Water Dog Club and the SWD Facebook Group

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