Moving home in Paris



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Moving home in Paris

Two days packing and loading in one of the busiest streets of Paris, in 28 degrees temperature, from a fifth floor apartment, without a usable internal elevator, initially appeared somewhat daunting. UK movers are simply not used to handling these kinds of issues, but for Paris movers it is every day business. So being one of my favourite cities in the world, I took the opportunity to attend both days of the move to oversee matters. I also wanted to see first-hand for myself the advantages of working with reliable local partners when working overseas, something I have always believed in for the last 30 years.
Working in partnership with our local trusted supplier Promotransit SAS we were able to carry out a high quality removal, using British know-how and French “Je ne sais quoi”.
Promotransit organised for us the pre-move-survey, the external elevator (featured in the above photo), the parking suspension (obtaining this in the peak tourist season in one of the most visited areas of Paris was a challenge in itself), the supply of bespoke wooden crates for high value items, the packing, removal and transport of some 40M3 of household belongings.
One of our UK-based transporters arranged the delivery back to our store and the whole job was done, within budget in 5 days.
The success of the move was in no small part due to our strong partnership relations with Promotransit. This is how we work worldwide…. It is successful. So if you are ever thinking of moving overseas please do think seriously about your mover’s relationship with their destination or origin service providers, it’s more important than you probably realise.

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