Moving with pets & children

Moving home in UK and abroad, with pets and children.

Having just finished a big move in London yesterday, working with the removal team, I realised just how important it is on moving day to make sure that pets and children, if at all possible, are not in the home during the move process.

Its difficult and potentially dangerous for all concerned to be working around cats and dogs whilst trying to move heavy furniture and cartons. Working via open doors is a constant source of worry in case pets and children escape out of the safety of their own home environment.

Cartons, tools, packing knives, trucks, etc are potentially interesting items for your pets and children to want to explore. Moving home is an exciting and sometimes confusing time for pets and young children, you may well want them to be part of the actual moving process, but please do also think carefully about how you manage their safety during the move, if you decide that you want them to be at home on the big day.

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