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Ardour are ambitious. In a nutshell: we want to drive a change for commercial design towards happier, healthier and more inspiring projects that are sustainable, benefitting businesses and users alike.

Based in Brighton, Ardour is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded in 2013 by David Pentland and Amy Ilic. From interior design to branding, packaging to web design, we embark on every project from an ethical viewpoint, guided by the philosophy that sustainable design has the power to amplify and accelerate growth and enhance the well-being of its user.

Research driven, we find original and beautiful solutions through goal-directed, playful experimentation and develop reciprocal working relationships with our clients. We believe the positive energy that goes into a design manifests in user experience and aim to inject a sense of fun into every project whilst always creating a commercially viable, professional and successful space. Our consideration for design longevity and sustainability has lead us to work with local clients such as the award-winning, zero-waste restaurant, Silo in Brighton and as well​ as companies who are new to exploring natural and recycled materials.

Much like the studio’s aesthetic, the formation of Ardour was an organic process. After joining forces on an interior design project for a small restaurant chain, David, a former graphic designer at an architecture practice, and Amy, a textile designer from a family of restaurateurs, recognised a shared enthusiasm for design’s potential to transform spaces and enhance user experience. Ardour evolved as a practice that combines its founders’ complementary design specialisms and passion for sustainability, offering a unique creative insight to its clients.

Today David and Amy lead a team of freelancers from a Victorian coach house, minutes away from the sea on the Brighton-Hove border. Launched by the studio in 2017.

As the practice grows we remain dedicated to championing sustainable, human-centric design and creating beautiful and nurturing environments.

Whether you are a tech start-up, a budding new hospitality owner or launching a new beauty brand, Ardour has the capacity with their team of freelancers to tackle large or small projects.

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