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PROVERB®, Lifefuelled Skincare, ( is a sustainable hygiene and skincare business founded in Melbourne, Derbyshire in 2017 by Kirstie and Luke Sherriff. Kirstie, following her previous success in building a training and spa skincare business (, having moved home from London, saw a gap in the market to take her proven natural and organic formations to the wider direct to the consumer market. Luke, having finished an 11 year career as a Professional Rugby Player, again having moved from Harlequins to Nottingham to allow him to work on the business with Kirstie, was inspired to deliver Kirstie’s formulation in a way that would support consumers who were looking for products that not only enhanced their health but also supported their desire to make better choices of the planet.

Company Purpose

To accelerate the adoption of refillable/sustainable personal care products by millennials and Gen Z.

We are going to do this by creating products for the gym aesthestic lifestyle/active urban lifestyle, that have unrivalled performance,  look cool, and are used by people they aspire to be meaning they will want them in their life.

Luke Sherriff


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