Trading Places Part Eight

Truth be told, this post has taken a little longer to get around to than we would’ve perhaps liked. Moving house in a short space of time and right before Christmas means we’ve been busy to say the least!

In our previous post we shared with you that our house sale had fallen through and with winter & BREXIT fast approaching, we weren’t holding out much hope for a sale. However our super-proactive estate agent Mark Anthony were brilliant in securing the most viewings of all agents & Roger decided to take action and accept one of the lower offers they generated for us (priced to sell as they say!).

The sale was further sped up by the buyers’ request to be in before Christmas, essentially this gave Roger and his family a little over a month to pack up and get out. Thankfully, the sellers in Yorkshire were willing and able to work to this timeframe and the chain was successful!

So what are some of the important lessons to take from this part of the move?

  1. You must always carefully read through the terms & conditions of any agreement you are given by an estate agent before signing. These can vary greatly from company to company. Roger used three different agents separately with three very different levels of customer service & contract terms. Incredibly it appears that the industry isn’t particularly well regulated in the way that the removal industry is. Contract terms through the British Association of Removers were agreed and approved by the OFT as fair for customers & members strictly adhere to those contract terms that all parties can then rely on. Estate agents seem to pretty much make their contract terms up as they go along and consequently they would be hard to rely on in a court of law for dispute resolution.
  2. You are responsible for insuring your new property from the moment you exchange contracts! (We discovered from our new neighbour that there almost was no house for us to move into when he had a significant chimney fire that could easily have spread to our new home & burnt it down!) … These things actually happen in real life so get insured on time on exchange of contracts.
  3. When moving, be prepared to go without Wi-Fi, broadband & phones for a significant amount of time. Despite meticulous planning and booking a BT engineer for the day after the move, Roger was left without internet thanks to a terrible customer service experience from BT. Not only did they fail to provide the initial booking, they took several weeks to rebook and even longer to send the accompanying Cloud phone and backup dongle… Escalate your complaint with these people fast it will safe you some stress! Really a shambles of a service from BT which is disappointing when you pay a premium price to work with them.
  4. If you are moving in time for Christmas, understand and accept that it is unlikely you will have the time or energy to fill your house with Christmas cheer and decorations. For one thing, you won’t be able to find said decorations until you’ve unpacked at least one rooms worth of boxes.
  5. If like Roger, you have cooked Christmas dinner in the same kitchen for the last 20+ years, expect to burn at least one ingredient whilst you come to terms with your new oven! Running round Yorkshire trying to find a turkey & Xmas tree 3 days before Xmas was fun.
  6. ALWAYS TRUST YOUR MOVERS! No matter how prepared you are, moving day is always very busy and it is near impossible to keep track of everything. Focus on the big stuff like getting keys and ensuring access and let your movers get on with the job you’ve already agreed with them. The guys from Richardson’s one of our trusted suppliers, were fantastic. They got on and made decisions, organized boxes according to rooms as instructed and went above and beyond to make the whole process as easy as possible. It was a pleasure to use their services and we have full confidence when working with them for our clients. You can then handle any unexpected crises on move day….. Roger hadn’t planned for some crazy man forcing him off the road on the morning of the move resulting in trying to find a new bespoke tyre for his Landrover so he could drive to Yorkshire and meet the movers with the keys to the new house …yes that actually happened.

So it’s been a month or so now and the stress of a quick turnaround move has been replaced by the memories of a peaceful yet somewhat chaotic family Christmas in Yorkshire. The boxes are all unpacked and the final recycling run has been done. Was it worth it for the Yorkshire life? Absolutely!

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