Trading Places Part Five

Summer is coming to an end and the big move is creeping closer every day!  A steady flow of legal documentation has been coming through for Roger to sign and the reality that this move will be going ahead is increasing every day.

The last few weeks have been filled with back and forth between solicitors. Roger and his family are lucky that the chain of buyers in this instance is relatively short, with all three parties keen to move quickly. Having reached this stage, Roger has spent time answering questions from his buyer, most of which have come out of their Homebuyers Report. Of course, he has also been asking his own of his seller. What has been lovely is the time and kindness offered by the latter to answer these honestly and both formally and informally.

As mentioned in the previous blog post, upon a relative’s recommendation, Roger organised a RICS Building Survey which proved to be very helpful in highlighting any future costs be they maintenance or more substantial structural work. The information provided by a variety of surveys is fascinating to read through. Rogers’s solicitor arranged for a Groundsure Homebuyers survey via InfoTrack, this provided a wealth of information on the local area from the potential for flooding to the location of the nearest coal mine!

With the desired completion date being the end of September, it was time for the pre removal survey and who better for the job than the man himself?! One house, four people, two dogs and a storage unit worth of stuff is going to take some time to organise properly! So it looks as though Roger and his family will be spending their Bank Holiday weekend dismantling, wrapping and packing!

Fingers crossed, Part Six will be all about the big move!

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