Trading Places Part Four

Part Three saw Roger switch to Jackson Noon Estate Agents. Clearly a good decision so far, on his behalf with an offer now on the table! Summer is the best time to sell and the agent did introduce a spattering of viewings but only one made an offer or viewed more than once.

This offer has allowed Roger to place one on his dream house in Yorkshire, an ideal scenario should everything fall in place. It is important to remember that there are endless amounts of reasons why a move might fall through, until the keys are in your hand, the deal is not done! It would be easy to get carried away but Roger has found an optimistic outlook is making the whole process a lot more enjoyable and should it fall through, another opportunity will present itself.

Through working in the moving business, Roger has seen first-hand that the market is slowing down. In what is usually the busiest season, many removal companies have had to tighten their purse strings. As a buyer, this means less competition and more chance of having a lower offer accepted. This is true for Roger, as he himself has accepted an offer below the asking price on his own home.

Upon receiving the offer, Roger and his wife made arrangements to show their daughter Sophie the Yorkshire home of dreams.

*A top tip when in the early stages of a potential sale is being flexible with allowing the buyers to revisit. This allows them to begin to see it as their own home as opposed to just a viewing and gives opportunity for practical elements such as measuring up.*

This trip was excellent on a number of levels. Firstly, with beautiful weather and a charity walk taking place on the nearby Three Peaks, the family were able to see what living in the area would be like during the busiest times of year. Also, having the opinions of a straight-talking daughter allowed the couple the chance to really ensure that the location of the house was right for them. Whilst loving the house and knowing it was right for them, Sophie wanted to make sure that they hadn’t allowed themselves to become caught up in the fairytale. It is easy to overlook the shortcomings of a house once you’ve fallen in love with its’ interior. Sometimes you need an objective third-party to provide honest analysis of the possible shortcomings.

Were they sure that this was the overall package that worked for them? YES!

So what next? Well things are getting serious now with SOLD signs going up and paperwork falling into place.  With a family member suggesting a charted survey being completed on the house this week, Roger awaits the next legal instruction. If all goes to plan the move could be as quick as the end of September! It may very well be time for Roger to get packing, join us in Part Five to find out more…

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