Trading Places Part Seven

So, since the sale fell through it’s fair to say the house has been pretty subdued. Being so close and then realising you have to start over is frustrating, but it’s not all doom and gloom!

The best news is that the sellers in Yorkshire have said they are prepared to wait for the family to sell their home. This outcome has shown him that building a rapport directly with your buyers/sellers can have a real impact on how things progress. If you are able to be consistent, friendly and patient, you can really demonstrate your commitment.

So what’s the focus now?

Well the most important thing to Roger is to sell his Surrey home. He knows where he wants to be, the family is ready to let go of the property and move forward and it feels like the right time.

After the selling experience with Jackson Noon, Roger felt it was the right time to try a different approach. For those living in the London/Greater London area it is worth having a look at This company is not your typical ‘we buy any house’ but it’s important that you do your research, as they are still relatively new. When speaking with the team at Nested, they were incredibly helpful and efficient throughout despite not actually being able to take the property on. This was simply due to the lack of information on 4-bedroom properties in the area and thus it would be too much of a risk for them. Definitely worth exploring your options with them if you find yourself wanting a quick sale.

With Nested out the window, it was back to the drawing board. A quick search on provided the stats on local Estate Agents inclusive of average selling times and fees. With time of the essence and having seen a local house sell quickly, he decided to go with Mark Anthony. Being family-run, at Bespoke Moving Solutions we believe in working with like-minded, dedicated businesses that value the importance of customer happiness as much as we do.

The house has now been on the market with Mark Anthony for a couple of weeks and has already had a handful of viewings. Whilst the market is slowing now that Summer has ended, it is nice to see there are still prospective buyers out there and Roger can keep his fingers crossed for a Yorkshire Christmas!

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