Trading Places Part Two

Time to take it to the market…

So the decision was made. It was time to get serious about relocating. Where to go from there?

For Roger, the first logical step was to freshen up and de-clutter the house in order to get it to a point where an Estate Agent could look around and potentially even take photographs and book viewings.

It’s amazing how much stuff you can collect over 22 years!! Three months before putting the house on the market, it was time to start the process of packing up. Roger and his son spent the next few weekends moving boxes of books, paintings, art, glass and his much loved 20th Century pottery collection into self storage. He chose to go with BIG YELLOW as they were the most cost-effective, local option. (If this is something you are looking into, don’t forget to sort out some insurance!)

They put some larger items of furniture into self-store in order to create more space in the house as well as making it easier to redecorate. Now, this is not to say they spent a fortune doing up the house to show. Roger looked to fix all those small jobs that they’d lived with for years but might be unappealing to a potential buyer, he also opted to freshen up paintwork and make use of more neutral colours in the areas that needed a fresh coat of paint.

As the transition began to come to life, it was time to begin thinking seriously about their future home. There is a fine balance when moving home of searching for properties whilst simultaneously being aware of the fact that you have to sell your own home first. There is always the worry that you will find your ‘dream home’ and lose it as you’ve not yet sold your own. However, Roger took the time to scan Zoopla and Right Move with the intention of creating a shortlist, booking viewings and keeping an eye on the market.

One of the biggest decisions in the early stages is choosing the right avenue to advertise your house sale. With the likes of Purple Bricks and Tepilo now available, there are more options available than there were twenty years ago. After much deliberation, Roger felt that an established Estate Agency would be the best decision as they charge a percentage of the house sale as opposed to their online competitors who set a fixed price irrespective of whether or not it sells. An Estate Agent could also potentially offer a faster sale and the extra support when dealing with follow up forms and documentation post-offer.

Having researched the best local options, he invited three Estate Agents round to value the house.  A useful site he found for finding a trusted company was .  All three provided the same price valuation. In hindsight it would have been nice to have got a recommendation from someone who had previously sold in the area, but none were available.

And the winner was…Barnard Marcus. Roger came to this conclusion based mainly on their historical performance stats. On 12th February 2018 they made the agreement and within 3 days, the house was officially on the market!

Next up, find out how the sale went and what the property search has come up with so far…

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